First Reconciliation and First Communion are celebrated for the first time in 2nd grade. There are also special parent/child preparation sessions and a retreat for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation continues Jesus' ministry of forgiveness through this celebration of reconciliation with God, with the community, and with one's self.

First Communion further initiates a child into the life of the Christian Community.  Within that community the Person of Christ becomes real. His Presence is the source of unity; it is to this Presence a child will return again and again to find the living center of the community.                                                          

Youth in grade 11 are invited to become Confirmation Candidates. Classes for both the Candidates and occasionally the parents are an important commitment of the Confirmation faith journey. Confirmation strengthens the work of the Holy Spirit begun in Baptism. Confirmation assists the youth to conform more closely to Christ. It calls her/him to accept a sense of mission to be sent out to the world to be a living vital witness to the teaching of Jesus.  Confirmation formation includes service opportunities for both church and community, a retreat and liturgical participation.