Bible Study

Contact:  Lynn Arndt  |  (414) 507-6783, Kathy Strazishar  |  (262) 255-0711

We want to invite you to be part of the Praying Series seasons, Advent and Lent.

Our Mission:

Using the seasonal liturgical readings as our focal point, 

Share allows individuals and groups to reflect and pray on Christ’s presence in our lives.

Share hopes to transform ordinary Christians through extraordinary expressions of everyday faith and exploration of how God’s guidance, gifts and grace impact our lives.

Share affirms that the Word of God flows through every person called by baptism, regardless of background.

What is the Praying Series?  

In the Praying Series, we “pray” one of the scriptural readings for the upcoming Sunday liturgy prior to attending that liturgy.  A traditional Benedictine prayer process leads us through this “sacred reading.”  In our prayer, we listen to the scriptural reading a number of times.  After each reading, we turn our attention to a new consideration.

  • We reflect upon the scriptural text.  
  • We discuss (and/or journal) what the scripture means in our own lives.
  • We pray privately as inspired by the text, the sharing, and our reflection.
  • Each of us resolves to live in ways that reflect the values of the scriptural reading.

Praying Formats (Small Group and Praying at Home):  

All parishioners are invited to participate in this Series, whatever their life circumstance.Most participants gather in small faith-sharing groups.  These groups meet once a week throughout the season in parishioners’ homes for one and one-half hour.  The small-group schedule always includes day and evening meetings.  We realize that not all parishioners' life circumstances allow them to commit to a weekly meeting throughout the season.  Therefore, the materials also format a “sacred reading” process for those who pray at home.

Why “Pray” Scripture?  

In effect, praying scripture is “a retreat in daily life” that transforms our seasonal journey. The faith community we create around the praying series supports and encourages each of us as we move through the season.  Finally, praying the WORD prior to hearing it at our Sunday Mass deepens our participation in the liturgy and connects us as a parish.

Particulars of Praying Seasonal Series

Watch the bulletin a few weeks prior to the start of Advent and Lent. There will be a sign-up Sunday. Groups are then formed and the gatherings begin one week prior to the start of the season.