We recognize the family is the first community of faith and the most powerful influence on the faith of children and teenagers. We also recognize
that parents are the first educators of their children, providing the foundation for a spiritual and religious life. We know that the family needs to be a vital part of the process of lifelong faith formation at all stages of faith development, and that parents need help to assume their roles in fostering faith and a deeper spirituality within their homes. 
We are also aware of the tremendous changes family life has undergone in the past forty years, and the present day diversity in family forms and structures. We know that families are stretched and stressed in new and challenging ways, putting new demands on family life.

Our FAMILY PROGRAM is a response to these demands and allows children and their parents to grow together in their Catholic Faith development.

  • Students in Grades 4K-6 meet at Mass. Following Mass the children and adults separate for one hour.
  • Parents have a separate gathering where they are engaged and encouraged in their faith journey as parents. This parent catechesis component is key to the transmission of faith in the home.
  • Classroom catechists are provided complete curriculum which utilizes the Gospel reading of the day.
  • Families are given a packet of weekly Home Lessons to use over the next week.

Our YOUTH PROGRAM offers Christian formation for grades 7-11.

  •  Our youth begin with Mass and move to a shared meal (pizza) and a group presentation.
  • Directly following they separate into their individual classes, according to grade.